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Art Pieces

“Space Cadet(on adjustable base) approx. 6' x 6' wing span lighted wings and control panel (multi-color lighting w/remote) $7,500.00”
“GANT - lighted Aluminum Mask 11" x 19" $600.00”
“SECRETARY (on right!) - Working phone; mouth moves when you speak Approx. 5'9" $3500.00”
“Dragonfly Sculpture approx 5' wingspan" $3000.00”

“Salvage Ship w/Wrecking Ball approx 5-1/2' x 2" $3000.00”
“Approx 10 Feet Long Train, Aluminum, Steel, Found Objects on Wooden Track $5000”
“Approx 2 Foot Tall (with Stand) Aluminum Gorilla Head on Stand $1850”
“Lisa Sculpture Approx 7 Foot Tall $8500”
“Elephante Stands 6' 4" (on 4' 7" base) Eyes light (strobe)$8,500”
“Cat Head on Base $600”
“Sculpture with Skull (sits on its own base) Approx 2 Foot Tall $1800”
“Mixed Media Animal Sculpture Approx 2-1/2 Ft long x 1-1/2 ft tall $2500”


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