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Shadow Boxes-One of a Kind!

Shadow Boxes shown are all in wooden boxes, some boxes have been framed by Photoshop Frame, just for visual purposes, however they are ALL in wooden boxes!

“Box 1”
“Box 2”
“Creatures Get Along-Approx. 14"wide x 15-1/2"high". Function: Lights Up $500.”
“Box 3”
“Space Box-Approx. 20"w x 13"h.Function: Eyes Light Up, Weather Vane Spins $500.”
“Box 4”
“Box 5”
“Barry Box-Approx. 10"w x 17"h. Functional, Movement: Key Driven Headache $500.”
“Box 6”
“The Bear-Approx. 10-1/2"w x 1ft-2"h. Function: Lights Up $500.”
“Box 7”
“Mr. B-Approx. 13w" x 19-1/2h". Function: Lights Up Key Driven Headache $500.”
“Box 8”
“Box 9”
“Box 10”
“Gypsy Fortune Teller-Approx. 10"w x 20-1/2"h. Function: Tells Your Fortune $700.”
“Box 11”
“Box 12”
“Box 13”


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